Professional Support

Professional support and maintenance

Help when you need it

The Bionic platform delivers a full Generative AI software solution, covering a comprehensive set of use cases. Make use of our professional support to get the peace of mind of having the platform supported and maintained by our team of experts.

Bionic Professional support saves you time and resources so you can employ them efficiently in your project. No matter the type of questions or issues, use our Support Portal and get direct access to the Bionic technical team. Our skilled engineers are distributed among different offices providing a high-quality, on-time service.

The annual support and maintenance service includes technical help for all of the platform components and capabilities, as well as troubleshooting, upgrades, health checks, and bug fixes.

Companies using the platform to deliver company wide Generative AI greatly benefit from acquiring professional support. This service assists with management related issues, and more importantly, it mitigates risks that may impact your business.

Health Checks and Upgrades

You may not know it, and there may still be ways to derive more value from your Bionic installation. Rely on our health checks for actionable recommendations to optimize the platform and achieve your Gnerative AI goals.

Let the team work with you on upgrading your Bionic deployment to the newest version and benefit from the enhanced and extra features while ensuring your custom work stays in place.

Customer Success

You are not alone. Bionic has a customer-oriented approach across the company that is centralized on the Customer Success team. A customer success manager (CSM) will be assigned to the project, becoming the customer extension within the Bionic team.

Your CSM will become your main point of contact during this journey, welcoming you during the Onboarding session and following up in quarterly business reviews.

Architecture and Design

Starting with the right architecture and hardware specifications for self-hosted deployments can lead to numerous benefits. Our solution architects carefully design an optimal architecture tailored to the specific environment and expected load, resulting in a platform that is both efficient and reliable.

This comprehensive sizing exercise also encompasses hardware specifications for the central components of the Bionic platform.