Generative AI. Private Data.

We use hardware based confidential computing to run AI in a highly secure enclave for maximum protection of your data in the cloud or on premise


You're in great company

Retrieval Augmented Generation

Create AI Assistants in Minutes

Leverage your existing company knowledge to automate tasks like customer support, lead qualification, and RFP processing and much more.

Team Based.
Empower your teams to build their own AI assistants on their data with no code. No need to hire expensive AI developers.
Chat Console.
A familiar chat console with text and code generation and the ability to select an assistant tuned on your data.
Data Governance.
By deploying Bionic close to your data you are able to benefit from Generative AI and still conform to data privacy and controls.
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No Code AI Assistants

Buy don't Build

Don't spend time and resources re-inventing the wheel. We've developed an integrated solution using the best open source tools on the market to accelerate Gen AI adoption in your company.

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Data Governance

Unparalled Privacy

Teams manage their own datasets for use in RAG and fine tuning.

Segmented Data.
Teams manage their own data and can decide how best to share it. Data is segregated at the database level.
Self Manage Teams.
There are no restrictions on the number of teams and teams are self managed. Team administrators can add new users.
Role Based Access Control
Teams can manage the roles a user has from contributer to administrator. A central system administrator role can manage the whole system.
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LLM Reverse Proxy

LLMs Quickly Become Overrun with Requests

In most deployments the models are the bottleneck. Bionic comes with a reverse proxy to monitor usage and apply limits to users when needed

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Cloud Native

Private Cloud or Your Data Center

We fully support both options and can integrate with any provider

Open Source Quantized Models.
We integrate seemlessly with most open source AI models and out of the box we run against LLama 3 8B.
Google, Amazon, Azure...
If you choose to use a provider either from the public cloud or via a private cloud with have integrations with all the main suppliers.
Multiple Models
We can run against more than one model at a time allowing you to test use cases by easily switching between models
Bare Metal
Bionic has been deployed and tested on multiple bare metal Kubernetes clusters. You can run Bionic close to your private data for maximum control.

Support for PDF, Excel, Word, TXT, and more including OCR

Integration with over 300 Data Sources

Our Data Pipeline API allows you to automate document uploads.

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Enterprise Grade Security

Open Source and Enterprise Ready

Transport encryption, authentication, authorization, data segragation and more...

SSO and Siem
Our modular architecture allows us to adapt to your authentication and security needs.
Support Contracts.
Peace of mind knowing that the project maintainers are on call to help with your success.
We also can help with the full lifecycle of your Generative AI project. Trust the experts.
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The easiest enterprise deployment you've ever seen

Built from the ground up for stability and performance

Our high performance Rust solution is paired with Kubernetes for enterprise deployment stability.

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