Installing on RKE2 (Linux)

    Why RKE2?

    RKE2, also known as RKE Government, is Rancher's next-generation Kubernetes distribution.

    It is a fully conformant Kubernetes distribution that focuses on security and compliance within the U.S. Federal Government sector.

    To meet these goals, RKE2 does the following:

    • Provides defaults and configuration options that allow clusters to pass the CIS Kubernetes Benchmark v1.6 or v1.23 with minimal operator intervention
    • Enables FIPS 140-2 compliance
    • Regularly scans components for CVEs using trivy in our build pipeline

    1. Install RKE2

    curl -sfL | sudo sh -
    sudo systemctl enable rke2-server.service
    sudo systemctl start rke2-server.service

    2. Install K9s (Optional)

    curl -L -s | tar xvz -C /tmp
    sudo mv /tmp/k9s /usr/local/bin
    rm -rf k9s_Linux_x86_64.tar.gz

    3. Check your RKE2 install

    mkdir -p ~/.kube
    sudo cp /etc/rancher/rke2/rke2.yaml ~/.kube/config
    sudo chmod 644 ~/.kube/config
    kubectl get pods
    # No resources found in default namespace.

    4. Install Local Path Provisioner

    kubectl apply -f

    5. Install the Bionic CLI

    export BIONIC_VERSION=v1.7.25
    curl -OL${BIONIC_VERSION}/bionic-cli-linux && chmod +x ./bionic-cli-linux && sudo mv ./bionic-cli-linux /usr/local/bin/bionic

    Try it out

    bionic -V

    6. Install the application into RKE2

    bionic install

    If you get the error below then wait a bit longer. The cluster is still coming up.

    Error: ApiError: "service unavailable\n": Failed to parse error data (ErrorResponse { status: "503 Service Unavailable", message: "\"service unavailable\\n\"", reason: "Failed to parse error data", code: 503 })

    The Finished Result

    After a while of container creation you should see all the pods running and then be able to access Bionic.

    Alt text

    Run the User Interface

    You can then access the front end from http://localhost and you'll be redirected to a registration screen.


    The first user to register with BionicGPT will become the system administrator. The information is kept local to your machine and your data is not sent anywhere.

    Alt text

    Uninstall Bionic

    First we can remove K3s entirely. K3s comes with it's own uninstall script.


    Then you can remove the bionic cli

    sudo rm /usr/local/bin/bionic

    And also remove k9s if you want to.

    sudo rm /usr/local/bin/k9s