Installation on Google Cloud


    • Download and install Google Cloud SDK. Note that if you install gcloud using a package manager (as opposed to downloading and installing it manually), some of the commands will not be supported.

    • Install kubectl command line tool by running the following command:

      gcloud components install kubectl

    Create a GKE cluster

    Each cluster brings up three nodes each of the type n1-standard-1 for the Kubernetes masters. You can directly create a cluster with the desired machine type using the --machine-type option. In the following example, you are going to create a node-pool with n1-standard-8 type nodes for the Bionic install.

    • Choose the zone in which you want to run the cluster. In this example, you are going to deploy the Kubernetes masters using the default machine type n1-standard-1 in the zone us-west1-a, and add a node pool with the desired node type and node count in order to deploy the Bionic universe. You can view the list of zones by running the following command:

      gcloud compute zones list
      NAME                       REGION                   STATUS
      us-west1-b                 us-west1                 UP
      us-west1-c                 us-west1                 UP
      us-west1-a                 us-west1                 UP
    • Create a Kubernetes cluster on GKE by running the following in order to create a cluster in the desired zone:

      gcloud container clusters create bionic --zone us-west1-b

    Setup your access

    Navigate to the IAM & Admin Page: Go to the IAM & Admin page in the Google Cloud Console.

    Select the Project: Make sure you have selected the correct project where your GKE cluster resides.

    Find the User: Find the user you want to grant permissions to. If the user is not already listed, click on "Add" at the top of the page to add them.

    Edit Roles: Click on the pencil icon next to the user's name to edit their roles. Add the "Kubernetes Engine Admin" role or a custom role that includes the necessary permissions (container.roles.update, etc.).

    Save Changes: Click "Save" to apply the changes.

    Install Bionic

    Follow the "Install Bionic" guide to continue the installation.

    Delete the Cluster

    gcloud container clusters delete bionic --zone us-west1-b